HackerNews Post Mortem

Yesterday I posted about BabyList on HN – http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2175757 (August helped with the gripping headline “I’m a pregnant hacker. Please review my side project.” I was pretty sure that it would do well, but I was pretty blown away by the supportive, positive response of the community and of the post itself topping 470 in karma.

Here are some analytics for the last 24 hours:
19,433 Visitors
34,711 Page Views
113 baby registries created
161 items were added to 45 baby registries

Some other thoughts:

– I’m really glad our index page doesn’t make any database queries (unless cookie is set)

– I’m really glad I upgraded our server to 512MB of RAM 2 days ago

– The 161 items were added from 38 distinct stores

– Of these there were errors adding 3 products because of my code

– The top 3 stores were amazon.com, ikea.com and thinkgeek.com. ThinkGeek actually has awesome baby stuff – http://www.thinkgeek.com/geek-kids/newborn-infant/

– August was really excited about me tweeting with Alexis Ohanian http://twitter.com/kn0thing (related: 2 days ago he missed his bus stop because he was reading reddit.com on his iphone)

I liked watching people try to break the site. Examples:

– setting your babylist url slug to be about (which I don’t prevent but also does not hijack the about page)
– 2 registrants used the f**k word in their title (which I don’t prevent)
– 2 registrants put raw html into their description (which I’m not escaping correctly yet)

Funniest item added to a baby registry:

I got a lot of questions, comments and emails. Overall it was a very professionally validating day, although I’m not sure if it will help strategically in BabyList being anymore of a success.

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