Pregnant Rock Stars – My Approach to Customer Service

When I launched BabyList a year ago I didn’t realize that customer support was going to be part of my role as CEO and founder. But now, the feedback and satisfaction I get from directly helping our users makes it hard to hand this job over to someone else. Pregnant moms care a lot about their baby registries. My theory is that it’s one of the only things that you can do to prepare for the coming life-change and you want to get it right.

I recently listened to this Mixergy interview with Derek Sivers that hit home. He said that one of the things that made CDBaby customer service great is by pretending that each support email is from Mick Jagger. He said:

Treat everybody like it’s Mick Jagger. In their own minds, everybody is Mick Jagger. They are that important. So let’s honor that, let’s respect that, and talk to them as that.

Our pregnant users are rock stars. If I ever catch myself wanting to roll my eyes, I tell myself that emails are coming from the pregnant Celebrity du Jour. When Tina Fey has a question about her baby registry, it’s an honor to answer it. If Beyonce’s grandmother is trying to order her great-grand-baby-to-be a handknit hat from Etsy and is confused, what do you do? You give her a number to call so you can place the order on her behalf. (I’ve literally done this… well… not for Beyonce’s grandmother.)

How does this grow your business? In February I received an email from a customer that mentioned that she heard about BabyList in a magazine in a celebrity interview. It turns out that Lindsey Sloane (of Weeds and Horrible Bosses fame) not only used BabyList as her baby registry, she also mentioned it in a magazine interview. This is an extreme example of word of mouth. The majority of first-time moms are making registry decisions based on the advice and guidance of other women in their circles. So rock-star customer service makes sense and is going to grow this business.

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